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Boats and Equipment

Safety has always been our number one priority at Mangrove. Accordingly we operate 16’ Dolphin skiffs with Yamaha 85 hp engines to address our need for mobility, comfort and safety while traveling from flat to flat. We have 10 skiffs: 8 on the water and the other 2 are backups.

All of the boats are configured with elevated poling platforms and have fittings on the casting deck for a removable leaning bar. Two boats also have a fitting for a removable cushioned chair on the casting deck.

For safety, our boats are steered from a console to give the guide more control than can be had from a tiller. Every boat has a kill switch on the console and all guides wear a lanyard connected to the kill switch when running. If for any reason, he loses his position at the wheel, the engine stops. Additionally, all of our guides wear a GPS Spot (personal locator) which allows the guide to communicate with us and transmit his GPS location in the event of a mechanical breakdown or emergency situation.

In front of the console, there are two cushioned captains’ chairs. Decks are clear and free of obstacles that could snag a fly line and there is lots of dry storage space. Rods are held securely in rod holders alongside carpeted gunwales and there is space for 4 rods.

We have a full time certified Yamaha mechanic on staff to perform regular maintenance and for any needed repairs to our engines and a fiberglass man to keep our boat hulls in pristine condition.

We have the following equipment on each boat:

  • VHF Radio (not only for safety, but to allow the guides to communicate all day about the fish they find)
  • 3 lifejackets
  • Dry bag with flare gun and flares, flashlight, first-aid kit, tools and matches
  • GPS Spot

Other Gear

Fly rods and reels can be borrowed.  We have 8# and 10#. Spinning rods and reels for  bonefish, barracuda and sharks. Note: Equipment is loaned free of charge. However,to offset shipping costs, there is a $200 per rod fee and $100 per reel fee for damage to any equipment than needs to be returned to the manufacturers for repair.

Our shop usually has the following in stock:

Flies, fly lines, leaders, tippet spools, extra backing, Mangrove Cay Club caps with logo,  logo T-shirts, Mangrove Cay Club logo fishing shirts, Polarized sunglasses, Sun screen Insect repellent, Bait, some lures, Buff headwear sun protection There is also a fly-tying table with materials for you to use.